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Stadt der Zukunft

Circular Standards: Development of a circular standard-detail-catalogue

In this research project, the technical design of standardized constructions details is the subject of investigation. Construction details will be researched, analyzed and evaluated and (further) developed or revised with regard to the parameter "recyclability". The expected result consists of circular-standard-details and the identification of problem areas and opportunities.

Stadt der Zukunft

Climate communities

Transdisciplinarily developed climate-friendly solutions for decarbonisation of the building stock in small and medium-sized municipalities. The application of the sample solutions will readily identifiable through a web tool.

Stadt der Zukunft

TheSIS - Thermal renovation with internal insulation systems - investigation and development of moisture-proof solutions

Development of innovative solutions for the retrofit of the building envelope with internal insulation with a focus on the hygrothermal optimization of a moisture-adaptive vapor retarder in form of a paint coating. As a result, the moisture hazard related to the implementation of internal insulation systems is reduced and the energetic, comfort-related and economic advantages are made available.