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Stadt der Zukunft

Circular Standards: Development of a circular standard-detail-catalogue

In this research project, the technical design of standardized constructions details is the subject of investigation. Construction details will be researched, analyzed and evaluated and (further) developed or revised with regard to the parameter "recyclability". The expected result consists of circular-standard-details and the identification of problem areas and opportunities.

Stadt der Zukunft


ParaStruct GmbH explores the technical and economic possibilities of recyclable, mineral-bound biomaterials in the project. The result is a basis for further development work and investments in this area.

Stadt der Zukunft

DREI x NULL = NULL - Research project on climate-neutral construction in all life cycle phases based on three demonstration buildings

The aim of the F&E project is the realization of three different residential buildings, which are all climate-neutral in the life cycle phases of construction, operation and dismantling. The aim is to create exemplary showcase projects for the future residential construction sector.