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Stadt der Zukunft

Climate communities

Transdisciplinarily developed climate-friendly solutions for decarbonisation of the building stock in small and medium-sized municipalities. The application of the sample solutions will readily identifiable through a web tool.

Stadt der Zukunft

Green BIM 2. Green Information Modelling and Operation: Transformation of the Green Sector through digitalisation

With the project "Green BIM 2" the technology leap from the previous project "Green BIM" – namely the use of BIM in the field of building greening – is continued for further application fields of landscape planning and the results are transmitted into working practice.

Stadt der Zukunft

Villab – Exploration of a Villach innovation laboratory for the cooperative development of sustainable neighbourhoods

The "Villab - Probe" project serves to check the feasibility of an urban innovation laboratory to accelerate the transformation of Villach districts towards climate neutrality. Assuming positive feasibility, the cooperation with relevant stakeholders will be deepened and a business plan drawn up for a future innovation laboratory.