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Stadt der Zukunft

Autology - the automated ontology generator

Ontologies form the basis for the acquisition, analysis/processing, utilization, documentation, and archiving of building and component data throughout all stages of the lifecycle. Currently, the semantic description and structuring of data can only be achieved with significant manual effort. At this point, the Autology project utilizes Artificial Intelligence. The overarching project objective is the automated extraction and generation of metadata for the creation of ontologies from the building automation system, employing innovative AI-based approaches.

Stadt der Zukunft

Digital Submission - Preparation of planning and decision-making processes, digitisation of building permit procedures (D-SUB)

The aim of this project was to develop and evaluate the foundation for the implementation of digital processes for building permit procedures in Styria. The project started with the recording, processing, and validation of the actual processes of building permit procedures of the city of Graz and the municipality of Stainach-Pürgg.

Stadt der Zukunft

Documentation, comparison and processing of demonstration results on the topic of "Digital Building Twin"

The aim of the project was to compare results from two demonstration projects of a digital building twin and to document initial operational experiences.