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Stadt der Zukunft

Flucco+ - Flexible user comfort in quarter-hourly CO2-neutral Positive Energy Districts (PED)

The aim of the project is to improve the planning basis for the construction and operation of energy flexible buildings in three specific areas. First the further development of existing models of thermal comfort for dynamic situations, second the quantification of future energy grid usefulness and third the holistic testing of the developed comfort and CO2 model at three potential positive energy districts (PED), taking into account the ecological assessment as well as the life cycle costs.

Stadt der Zukunft

Further Investigations and Monitoring of the Green Walls at GRG7 Kandlgasse

Following on from the completed research project "GrünPlusSchule", in which various greening measures were implemented at and in a school in Vienna's 7th district (GRG7), this follow-up project takes up further unanswered questions and is dedicated to detailed measurement data evaluations of the effects of indoor and outdoor greening.

Stadt der Zukunft

LooPi - the autonomous unisex plant-based urinal for public spaces

Application of the prototype in the operational environment for a period of 20 months. Technical monitoring thoughout the cycle of seasons, user interviews concerning satisfaction, evaluation of the potential use of LooPi material streams as soil conditioner for organic farming. Results serve the development towards market maturity.

Stadt der Zukunft

Space & Green. Possibilities for integrating greening into the regulations of Austrian spatial planning

The R&D service "Raum & Grün" (Space & Green) prepared a study that depicts the interrelationships between spatial planning and greening, shows the need for action and the scope for action by actors, and formulates concrete recommendations on how innovative urban greening and greening of buildings can be effectively anchored in the regulations of Austrian spatial planning.