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Stadt der Zukunft

50 green houses - Development and demonstration of a low-tech façade greening system

Development of a cost-efficient all-in façade greening system („Greening-Toolkit“) including a maintenance concept, involving all trades and processes, for a broad (facing roads) implementation on facades in the urban built environment, combined with a process innovation for simplification of all necessary coordination processes.

Stadt der Zukunft

Anergy2Plus - Demonstration and expansion of an anergy network as part of a holistic energy concept and plus energy quarter

The overall objective of the project is to pursue and demonstrate a holistic approach to the design, construction and ultimately the use of the residential quarter in the context of energy supply. Especially in the area of thermal energy supply, a project with lighthouse character on the way to a plus-energy quarter is to be created by demonstrating the innovative supply concept based on an anergy network.

Stadt der Zukunft

Beyond - Virtual Reality enabled energy services for smart energy systems

Collaborative R&D project to develop the next generation energy services with the interplay of various technologies: Virtual Reality (VR), machine learning, physical simulation and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

Klimaneutrale Stadt

Bregenz 2040 climate neutrality roadmap focussing on the electricity and heating transition, mobility and public acceptance

The central goal of the project is to create a consistent, comprehensive, and feasible roadmap to achieve climate neutrality in Bregenz by 2040.

Stadt der Zukunft

Cooperative Living Volkersdorf (KooWo - Volkersdorf) - sufficiency, space and energy efficiency in the quarter

The jointly planned demonstration project "KooWo" in Volkersdorf aims at reaching sufficiency as well as energy and CO2 reductions in a holistic way. System boundaries are shifted in order not to look only at energy consumption in buildings, relating to unit of floor space, but to consider all use of resources and relating it to persons and social communities.

Haus der Zukunft

DALEC - Day- and Artificial Light with Energy Calculation

In the course of DALEC an online concept evaluation tool for architects, building engineers, lighting designers and building owners was developed. Although easy to use, the software accounts for the complex thermal and light processes in buildings and allows a simple evaluation of heating, cooling and electric lighting loads. Not only energy, but also user behavior were considered (e.g. in terms of glare protection) and visual and thermal comfort were evaluated. This novel and innovative, holistic approach makes sustainable and energy efficient building design possible for new buildings as well as refurbishment.

Stadt der Zukunft

DieWärmePioniere - Participatory climate transformation roadmap as basis for a demo district in the gas-supplied Kahlenbergerdorf

Development of a transformation roadmap for the decarbonization of a neighborhood and implementation of a subarea. Securing acceptance of the project and raising awareness through an active participation process of the population and the establishment of an energy community for heat supply.

Stadt der Zukunft

ESSBAR – Edible balcony gardens for retrofit – Vertical Greening Technologies for the City

Demonstration of an affordable, resource-saving and innovative balcony system with integrated edible vertical gardens and rainwater management. Considering the needs of residents for green outdoor spaces and the active participation of residents are an important part of the project.

Stadt der Zukunft

Edible Seestadt - Green Seestadt - Learning for the Edible City of the Future

"Edible Seestadt" ("Essbare Seestadt") identifies which contributions an edible city provides for a climate-neutral resilient district and how this contribution can be sustainably stabilized and optimized.

Stadt der Zukunft

EnErGy Plant Weiz - Renewable energy community Business Park Energy Lane and Factory Lane Weiz

Based on the results of the exploratory study project REC-Businesspark, a demonstrator for a "renewable energy community business park" is to be developed in Weiz. The focus is on the development of innovative operating and tariff models for a redox flow storage system that is integrated into a renewable energy community.

Stadt der Zukunft

Energy-Sponge: The Building as an Energy-Sponge - Electricity In - Heat Out

Innovative, dynamic control concepts had been developed which enable (air) heat pumps in combination with PV- or renewable grid electricity to use the building mass of a multi-familiy house as heat storage. User acceptance had been evaluated and possible business models had been developed.

Stadt der Zukunft

F4WM - Fit4WienerMission

Preparation for the EU Urban Mission by updating goals and strategies (Smart City Wien Framework strategy, Climate-Roadmap), developing a manual for climate-neutral Viennese neighbourhoods and concepts for the participation of citizens (Climate Citizens' Council) and businesses (Climate Agreements), as well as a city-internal capacity and structural planning.

Stadt der Zukunft

FEELings - User Feedback for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

User behavior is a key factor for the energy consumption and the actual energetic performance of a building. A new type of user feedback system will be investigated in this research project. Users provide feedback on the sensed room quality. The data obtained by the feedback system are used to optimize settings of building services in order to improve the energy efficiency and the comfort in the building. A basic proof of concept of this system will be undertaken by means of two use cases.

Stadt der Zukunft

GLASGrün - Regulation of climate, energy demand and comfort in GLASS buildings through structurally integrated vertical GREEN

Development of vertical vegetation systems for summergreen shading of glass facades of food retail and commercial areas. GLASGrün generates quantitative data on energy and microclimate balance and qualitative data on user perception. The results are guidelines for scalable and transferable constructive solutions with maintenance and management plans.

Stadt der Zukunft

GameOpSys - Gamification for optimizing the energy consumption of buildings and higher-level systems

The central goal is the development of a mobile application that enables the energy optimization and planning of buildings, neighborhoods and higher-level energy systems through the participation of the user and the user as a new source of data and information. The development of the application is strongly transdisciplinary and integrates mathematical methods of simulation and optimization as well as psychological aspects of user behavior in order to develop new business models and open up new markets.

Stadt der Zukunft

HotCity - Gamification as a possibility to generate data for energy-oriented neighbourhood planning

The aim of the project was a functional test to determine whether an up-to-date data set of energy-oriented data can be collected for neighbourhood planning through gamification, cost-efficiently, quickly and reliably. This had been determined using the example of the potential determination of industrial and commercial waste heat sources in Vienna and Graz.

Stadt der Zukunft

Housing 4.0 - digital platform for affordable living

The main aim of this project is the development of an integrated framework for the digital platform "Housing 4.0"; thus supporting integrated planning and project delivery through coupling various digital tools and databases. Thereby, the potentials of BIM for modular, off-site housing assembly in order to improve planning and construction processes, reduce cost and construction time and allow for mass customization will be explored. The novel approach in this project is user-involvement; which has been neglected in recent national and international projects on off-site, modular construction, supported by digital technologies.

Stadt der Zukunft

INN'FIT4UM - Innsbruck "Fit4UrbanMission" - climate neutral Innsbruck 2030

Cities are the place where decarbonization strategies for energy, transport and buildings intersect. A few years ago, the municipality of Innsbruck set up a Smart City Group consisting of staff from the municipality, IIG, IKB and IVB to address this challenge. The goal of INN'F4UM is to develop a step-by-step plan to achieve climate neutrality for the city by 2030, building on an up-to-date representation of energy and resource flows together with the University of Innsbruck.

Stadt der Zukunft

INReS - Integration of sustainable stormwater management tools into planning execution and management software (BIM)

Exploration to prepare and evaluate the applicability of an interactive web application to recommend appropriate stormwater management measures for existing and new buildings that allows for (1) BIM compatibility for object-based implementation and (2) simplified application in the form of the stormwater toolbox.

Stadt der Zukunft

Itz Smart – Carbon neutral city district development Itzling – Implementing innovation and technology via co-operative process design

The goal of the project “Itz Smart” is to tie in with existing activities and to consistently develop Itzling as a residential location further. In the test and demonstration area, sustainable residential quarters with trendsetting solutions for mobility are developed in the zone of the transport axis (railway and Schillerstraße) and along the local supply axis (Itzlinger Hauptstraße). The consideration of housing and mobility with regard to the aspect of “city of short ways“ also entails a discussion of determined mixed utilisation and the development of such residential quarters.