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Stadt der Zukunft

Build4Climate - Demonstration building with a climate room concept at the Innovation Quarter Lavanttal in Carinthia

A new train station is being built near the exit portal of the future Koralm railway tunnel in Carinthia, in connection with a CO2-neutral technology park. The innovative entrance building of the newly developed area will be implemented as a frontrunner with a 'climate room' concept based on thermal component activation and extensive use of renewable energy sources.

Stadt der Zukunft

Digital Submission - Preparation of planning and decision-making processes, digitisation of building permit procedures (D-SUB)

The aim of this project was to develop and evaluate the foundation for the implementation of digital processes for building permit procedures in Styria. The project started with the recording, processing, and validation of the actual processes of building permit procedures of the city of Graz and the municipality of Stainach-Pürgg.

Stadt der Zukunft

Digital transformation of the Austrian construction industry and its impact on employment

What are the impacts of the digital transformation of the Austrian construction industry on this sector’s labour market? By looking at the next five to ten years it will be analysed whether and to what extent digital applications lead to an increasing, falling or stagnant demand for employees in the construction industry and in construction occupations.

Stadt der Zukunft

Digitalization in Urban Planning: From Spatial Energy Planning to Digitalization in Construction Engineering (PBM_integrativ)

The project provides a comprehensive overview of conditions and interrelations between administration, economy and planning and to elaborate the most important features and deficits in the flow of relevant information between the different phases of a building’s life cycle - planning, construction and management/administration.

Stadt der Zukunft

Green SandboxBuilder - Regulatory sandboxes in the field of sustainable construction and renovation

In the "Green SandboxBuilder" project, for the first time in Austria, the need for regulatory sandboxes for ecologically sustainable and climate-effective projects in the building sector had been systematically explored. The implementation of regulatory sandboxes in the Austrian construction sector can contribute to decisively accelerating the introduction of technological, procedural and social innovations and thus to achieving the sustainability goals.

Stadt der Zukunft

M-DAB2: Material intensity of inner development - resource assessment and localization of urban development potentials

For the first time, the material intensity of inner development (in terms of material quantities) for different design variants is to be considered in the evaluation of inner development potentials. A set of methods for the holistic evaluation of potential areas and different development variants and scenarios for resource-saving inner development will be created.

Stadt der Zukunft - Development of a Vision 2030 for a Digital Building Authority and Recommendations for Action in Austria

In Austria, planning permission applications are submitted and managed largely manually. The aims of the project are to evaluate the potential and limitations of digitizing building approval processes and to create a Vision 2030 strategy for a digital building authority.