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Fabrik der Zukunft

New potentials using hardwood with small diameters in forestry and timber industry

Identification of potentials to use hardwood with small diameters (SDH) in Austria with the help of the value added chain from the forest's location to the processor. Analysis and evaluation of availability, quality and market potential.

Fabrik der Zukunft

RISKMIN - Risk minimization along the value-added chain of plants to the colouring pigments

RISKMIN is a project for the mitigation of risks along the supply chain of plant raw material to the provision of plant dyestuff. Considering the measures concerning risk mitigation, a business plan for a plant dyestuff manufacturer for the effective realization of the business idea was created.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Secondary Materials in the Austrian Textile Industry - Study with Recommendations for the Austrian R&D-Politics

This study deals with the challenges and potentials for the use of secondary materials in the Austrian textile industry. It identifies challenges and potentials for establishing cycles in the textile industry with a focus on the use of secondary materials in Austria based on broad stakeholder involvement. Based on this, recommendations for research and development activities were formulated to promote recycling.