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Stadt der Zukunft

CELL4LIFE - Reversible SOCs as a link between electricity, heat and gas networks to increase the self-sufficiency and resilience of neighbourhoods

A system consisting of a solid oxide fuel cell and a Machine Learning-based control system for increasing efficiency and minimizing degradation is being developed. As a link between all energy supply networks, the system is intended to increase the self-sufficiency and resilience of plus-energy districts.

Stadt der Zukunft

Cool Windows - Windows with shading optimising the trade-off between summery overheating, wintery heat protection and adequate illumination

Windows with their associated components such as sun and glare protection are optimised as a holistic building equipment unit regarding different seasonal requirements in light of the climate crisis. The results serve as a basis for new developments in the window and shading technology in order to provide summery and wintery heat protection as well as adequate natural illumination over the year.

Stadt der Zukunft

URBAN STRAW - Fire protection conditioning of blow-in straw insulation material and its structural application for urban building classes 4 and 5

Investigation and development of fire protection conditioning of chopped straw blow-in insulation based on biogenic flame-retardants of similar building materials and their application methods. Use of the material as external thermal insulation in material-reduced prefab timber construction elements for urban building classes 4 and 5 up to 6 storeys.