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Klimaneutrale Stadt

Bregenz 2040 climate neutrality roadmap focussing on the electricity and heating transition, mobility and public acceptance

The central goal of the project is to create a consistent, comprehensive, and feasible roadmap to achieve climate neutrality in Bregenz by 2040.

Klimaneutrale Stadt

Kapfenberg_2_zeroCO2 - Creation of the 2040 climate neutrality plan for the industrial city of Kapfenberg

For the industrial city of Kapfenberg in Upper Styria with over 22,000 residents, achieving climate neutrality is both challenging and necessary. The companies of Kapfenberg have been heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Implementation of climate protection measures is essential for their future viability and for maintaining a high quality of life for the population of Kapfenberg.

Stadt der Zukunft

PhaseOut – Heat pump technologies in the renovation of existing buildings

The aim is the conception, optimization, implementation, demonstration and evaluation of innovative, minimally invasive renovation solutions (thermal renovation and heating system replacement) with heat pumps and PV in multi-storey buildings on seven identical buildings. The comprehensive comparison includes various technical solution variants based on modular and scalable building technology systems as well as multifunctional building components for the exchange of decentralized gas heating by central, semi-central and decentralized heat pump solutions.

Stadt der Zukunft

ReHABITAT-Settlement: Sustainable rehabilitation and activation of a single-family housing estate in Mistelbach

Exploration of a sustainable single-family house redevelopment, with a holistically conceived definition of sustainability that starts with people, is based on sufficiency and also takes into account green and open spaces, social factors and mobility. The result is an integrated overall concept at the house and settlement level, and a transferable approach for other communities.