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Stadt der Zukunft

ESSBAR – Edible balcony gardens for retrofit – Vertical Greening Technologies for the City

Demonstration of an affordable, resource-saving and innovative balcony system with integrated edible vertical gardens and rainwater management. Considering the needs of residents for green outdoor spaces and the active participation of residents are an important part of the project.

Stadt der Zukunft

GLASGrün - Regulation of climate, energy demand and comfort in GLASS buildings through structurally integrated vertical GREEN

Development of vertical vegetation systems for summergreen shading of glass facades of food retail and commercial areas. GLASGrün generates quantitative data on energy and microclimate balance and qualitative data on user perception. The results are guidelines for scalable and transferable constructive solutions with maintenance and management plans.

Stadt der Zukunft

MEIDLINGER "L"-Participatory and scalable climate change adaptations in existing buildings at the intersection of public and private space

The project pursued an integral and interdisciplinary approach to climate change adaptation in existing buildings at the interface between public and private space. A scalable and multipliable model for Vienna and other cities had been developed.

Stadt der Zukunft

lieBeKlima - quality assurance of cross-property greening for urban climate resilience in the neighbourhood development "Am Kempelenpark"

lieBeKlima aims to initiate the implementation of a cross-property and cross-system greening concept for the "Am Kempelenpark" neighbourhood development. This will be realized with innovative, identity-creating participation processes and a comprehensive quality assurance process. The focus lies on an interconnected consideration of integral greening concepts with higher-level water management and plus-energy concepts.