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Stadt der Zukunft

"Gasthermenersatz" - Modular heat pump with environmentally friendly refrigerant to replace natural gas-based heating systems in large-scale residential buildings

The project "Gasthermenersatz" aims at developing, manufacturing, and testing a functional prototype of a decentralized, sound-optimized heat pump solution with refrigerant circuit modules connected in series or parallel. This renewable technology is well-suited to replace existing natural gas-based heating systems in large-scale residential buildings and to pave the way to carbon-neutral cities.

Stadt der Zukunft

Sani60ies - Demonstration of minimally invasive thermal and energetic refurbishment of classic 1950s and 1960s apartment buildings

System development of a façade-integrated building component activation for "warm" refurbishments with high transfer potential to buildings of classic apartment complexes from the 1950s and 1960s. The system is being tested and further developed based on three building projects and demonstrated through broad application (over 200 flats).

Stadt der Zukunft

TheSIS - Thermal renovation with internal insulation systems - investigation and development of moisture-proof solutions

Development of innovative solutions for the retrofit of the building envelope with internal insulation with a focus on the hygrothermal optimization of a moisture-adaptive vapor retarder in form of a paint coating. As a result, the moisture hazard related to the implementation of internal insulation systems is reduced and the energetic, comfort-related and economic advantages are made available.