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Stadt der Zukunft

OWA+Quartier - Sustainable refurbishment and energy supply for the historic Otto-Wagner-Areal towards a plus-energy district

Development of thermal and electrical energy supply for the Otto-Wagner-Areal as well as model solutions for construction and building services in order to initiate the redevelopment of the area in the direction of a plus-energy district.

Stadt der Zukunft

REGOreal - 100% Renewable Energy Region: Local Energy Common Good Economy in real laboratories for networked energy and mobility cells

In REGOreal, the exploration for a 100% renewable energy region in the area of Retz-Horn-Krems-Tulln (Lower Austria) and Mallnitz (Ktn) is taking place. There are four focus topics: 100 Renewable Energy Communities (REC), 1.000 building renovations, 10.000 energy exporters (in the sense of employees who carry the approach into their private environment) and 100 Mio. km of sustainable mobility with extensive use of IT for the development of local integrated energy systems (IES) to integrate a colorful mix of different actors and objects.

Stadt der Zukunft

SüdSan - Socially acceptable, climate-compatible refurbishment of two multi-family-houses as a model for the refurbishment of the Südtiroler-Siedlung Bludenz

Planning, energetic-economic optimisation, construction and monitoring of the costs, comfort and energetic performance of two socially acceptable and climate-target-compatible refurbished smaller apartment buildings in the Südtiroler-Siedlung Bludenz.