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Stadt der Zukunft

Innovation lab act4energy

The Innovation Lab act4energy is set up as an innovation laboratory project. Its focus is to solve the problems of renewable energies integration with a focus on photovoltaic power paired with local consumption, linked to the the high fluctuation of renewable energies.

Stadt der Zukunft

REal - The laboratory for Integrated Regional Renewable Energy Systems

In the REal project, a holistic, scalable and user-friendly concept is created, whereby sector-coupled, municipal energy systems with 100% renewable energy can be implemented, considering all necessary aspects from planning to operation, reducing design costs and accelerating an Austria-wide implementation.

Stadt der Zukunft

SmartControl - Standardized and smart control of municipal energy systems

The aim of the project is to develop a standardized and easy-to-implement procedure for communication, monitoring and control of decentralized technologies within municipal energy communities. Therefore, innovative interfaces and self-learning algorithms will be developed, which will ensure that the concept can be transferred to municipalities or neighborhoods without a great deal of data and measurement effort.

Stadt der Zukunft

scaleFLEX - Scalable method for optimizing the energy flexibility of districts

Development of a decentrally organized automation method for improving the demand-side flexibility options of buildings and districts. The utilized data-driven algorithm promise high scalability and therefore low installation and operating costs. The developed method will be validated using different building types (high-tech office buildings, low-tech office buildings, residential buildings).

Stadt der Zukunft

ÖKO-OPT-QUART - Economically optimized control and operating mode of complex energy networks of future city districts

In the project ÖKO-OPT-QUART energy-based, economic and control-orientated models will be developed in order to simulate the operating mode of complex, sustainable energy networks in city districts. For an exemplary configuration these models will be combined to an overall model which allows a realistic economic comparison of different control strategies. The final goal of the project is the development of a method for the systematic design of cost-optimized, predictive control strategies for complex energy networks in city districts.