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Stadt der Zukunft

GeoDatKlim - Preparation of an innovation lab - IoT and geo-AI-supported data management for the climate-neutral city

Preparation of a real laboratory that will enable numerous actors to research the actual benefits of urban data or their AI-supported analysis for a climate-neutral city. By clarifying strategic, technical and legal aspects as well as potential analyses along relevant use cases, the framework conditions for an open, multi-year research environment (real laboratory) in Vienna are set in motion.

Stadt der Zukunft

INN'FIT4UM - Innsbruck "Fit4UrbanMission" - climate neutral Innsbruck 2030

Cities are the place where decarbonization strategies for energy, transport and buildings intersect. A few years ago, the municipality of Innsbruck set up a Smart City Group consisting of staff from the municipality, IIG, IKB and IVB to address this challenge. The goal of INN'F4UM is to develop a step-by-step plan to achieve climate neutrality for the city by 2030, building on an up-to-date representation of energy and resource flows together with the University of Innsbruck.