Webinar: #EU Circular Talks: The circular economy in the context of a limited supply of biomass. - Ways forward to address biodiversity loss and climate change

13. June 2023, 10:00 - 11:30 CEST

The EU Circular Talks is an exchange concept of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. It aims to encourage stakeholders to interact and discuss the circular economy topics in the platform.


ECESP Leadership Group on biodiversity and climate

Content Description

Some practitioners implementing the circular economy believe that switching to biomass is the best way to implement the circular economy. However the circular economy is not synonymous with bioeconomy. Circular economy is about retaining the value of materials for as long as possible, and consequently it cannot be achieved simply by adding more and more primary biomass to the economy. Demand for biomass is increasing rapidly, yet supply is limited, leading to problems for climate and biodiversity.

The ECESP Leadership Group on biodiversity and climate organises this #EUCircularTalks to discuss the intersections between circular economy, bioeconomy, climate change and biodiversity. The event explores the circular economy's role in balancing biomass supply and demand and reducing negative impacts on biodiversity and climate change.

Join the panellists to gain insights into why these intersections are crucial and, more concretely on, how to operate in these intersections through concrete examples.

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