Joint Programming Conference Smart Energy Systems 2022

18. - 20. October 2022

Conference on strategic actions to implement Energy Systems Integration at local, regional, European level – and beyond.


ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

Content Description

You will have the chance to exchange with decision-makers, funding partners, projects partners, experts from the Knowledge Community, our network partners of Living Labs and Testbeds, Digital Platform Providers, Associated Partners as well as further parties making a clean energy transition happen.

Through the conference you will also gain the latest insights of the JPP SES future within the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) as Transition Initiative 5 and 1 (TRI5 and TRI1).

The preliminary overview is available on the JPP SES-Website.

Participant Information


Further information and registration is available on the matchmaking platform. This is also the virtual room where the conference will take place.

Contact Address

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Support Team