Joint Call for RDI projects on Integrated Regional Energy Systems

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES) will launch its first joint call for RDI projects on Integrated Regional Energy Systems with a budget of approximately 30 Mio Euro.

This initiative

  • promotes applied research and development, piloting and demonstration in the field of integrated regional energy systems.
  • coordinates national and regional RDD (Research, Development & Demonstration) budgets according to the implementation of the relevant European RDD agendas.
  • will establish an innovation eco-system with generation of cutting edge ideas to be further developed, marketed and finally adopted as new services and products in society

The call will provide funding opportunities for transnational Research, Development, Demonstration and Innovation projects that "develop and demonstrate technologies, systems and solutions that make it possible to efficiently provide, host and utilise high shares of renewables, up to and beyond 100% in the local or regional supply by 2030. At the same time, they shall link to a secure and resilient European energy system, enabling the participation in inter-regional exchange of energy as well as in sharing responsibility to maintain the overall system, considering a sustainable use of local and global resources".

Thus contributing to SET-Plan Action 4 - Flagship Initiative 2

Projects are expected to:

  • identify the critical needs and involve the most significant need-owners in local and regional energy systems
  • involve technology and service providers, innovators and researchers to develop and define tailor-made solutions for local and regional energy systems that meet the demand of the need owners
  • engage private and public stakeholders in co-creation eco-systems that accelerate the innovation and implementation of new solutions, while stimulating European business development with the support of the transnational ERA-Net SG+ RegSys knowledge community.

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