City of Tomorrow

The technology program "City of Tomorrow" aims at researching and developing new technologies and solutions for future cities and urban developments. The program follows an applied and demand-oriented approach and, with this mission orientation, can make an essential contribution to the modernization and resource efficiency of Austrian cities. These innovative solutions significantly increase the competitiveness of the domestic energy and environmental technology industry.

The focus of "City of Tomorrow" lies on the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energies in buildings, neighborhoods and quarters, while at the same time increasing the attractiveness for residents and improving the economic efficiency. Thematically, the program is focused on three topics: (1) digital planning, building and operating, (2) plus-energy districts and (3) innovative greening technologies.

"City of Tomorrow" strives for the FTI-political objectives

  • Sustainable energy system
  • reduction of climate impact
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Increase of R&D quality

This makes it an important contribution to the implementation of the national climate and energy strategy.


Renewable Heating and Cooling

Innovative technologies and concepts for sustainable heating and cooling

Innovative construction

resource-friendly, energy efficient and climate-neutral

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Heat from the depths

Geothermal energy as an energy technology of the future in Austria

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