Oekosan'11 - International symposium for high-quality retrofit of large-volume buildings to plus-energy-buildings

The AEE INTEC organized the international congress "ökosan'11 - high-quality retrofit of large-volume buildings to plus-energy-buildings" in September 2011. The position of Austrian companies in international cooperation was strengthened through personal contacts during the conference.

Short Description



Starting point/Motivation

In the years 2005, 2007 and 2009 previous ökosan conferences on the subject of high-performance renovation of large volume buildings were organized successfully.

Contents and Objectives

Within the three-day international conference “ökosan´11” topics on the renovation of the building stock and innovative solutions and technologies were presented, analyzed and revealed by representatives from policy, economy and research.

The conference was responsive in particular to successfully implemented projects and results of the Austrian program “Building of Tomorrow Plus”.


After the concept design and selection of topics, the date for the conference in coordination with other events on the same subject has been set. A working plan was generated (Gant diagram). All following activities concentrated on it.


The event has grown in reputation during the last years and now attracts considerable interest from all over the world. 236 participants from 14 nations attended the conference. The participants got a Book of Abstracts and a CD rom with the long version of the presentations.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the conference website.

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

The very interesting presentations and discussions will help to realize new technologies in the further years.

AEE INTEC is invited by the Technical University of Graz to organise the conference „Sustainable Buildings 2013“ in Graz together.

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Project management

DI Dr. Karl Höfler
AEE - Institut für nachhaltige Technologien

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