Sustainable construction of objects as a product service

Project of a Carinthian plant construction and manufacturing company. They plan to establish a new business division "sustainable construction of premises". This division shall offer a service package for housing, stores, and industrial production sites. This service shall be developed using the approach of RISP.

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Initial situation

It is expected that this approach reduces energy consumption and operation costs of these buildings significantly. This service shall be developed using the approach of RISP (risk free development of product services), which was developed with a factory of the future grant in 2005 and 2006.

Content & Goals

The development of a product based on a clear customer-service vision and strategy. All the basic steps are performed in cooperation between the customer and the service provider. The communication and cooperation oft he service provider and the customer stays in the foreground. The motivation for a purchase of services arises less from the basic functions, but out of excitement factors (Kano). Relevant excitement factors for the "sustainable construction of objects as a product service" should be developed in this work.


All stages in the development of a service will be developed using the RISP model, which is based on the product development using the Stage-Gate model by R. Cooper. This is a tough line with the motto "from rough to detail". Each phase - idea generation, determining the scope / potential, defining the framework, development of product service (PS), PS test, launch - consists of a workshop, a part of homework and a final brief workshop on evaluation (Gates).

(Expected) Results

With this complete service it is anticipated that the resource and energy consumption and operating costs of buildings can be significantly reduced. In principle, the development method and the experiences from this project can then be applied to a wide range of production buildings, retail warehouses and building constructions. With a wide implementation of these approach a powerful lever to achieve particularly on energy consumption of these buildings could be achieved.

Project Partners

Project management

Ing. Claus Kügele
ASCO Anlagenbau Consulting GmbH

Project or cooperation partner

  • Dr. Johannes Fresner - Stenum GmbH
  • DI Jürgen Jantschgi - Jantschgi C & R

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