Model region for Smart Grids in Salzburg

To reach the objectives of the Austrian energy- and environmental policy the extension of electric vehicle network and an increase of the share of renewable energies at the energy supply to 34 % (today 15 %) until 2020 are necessary. For the integration of electric vehicles and a higher share of renewable energies, Smart Grids will become a key element for a future energy supply.

To ensure a necessary reshape and automation of the energy supply infrastructure, initiatives, dealing with Smart Grids, have the focus on a stabilized grid operation which is the precondition for the integration of decentralized energy suppliers (for example photovoltaics on roofs).

The concept of the model region in Salzburg is based on scientific groundwork which have examined the technical feasibility and economical and ecological effects of Smart Grids and aims a smart, comfortable and sustainable energy infrastructure. To reach the best possible implementation of Smart Grids in the model region, a strategy has been developed which includes the fields policy, extension and planning of grids, grid operation and customers application. So demonstration plants have been constructed which show the integrated approach of the concept.

A lot of projects in the model region of Salzburg should reach the following objectives:

  • Ensure a flexible and efficient grid infrastructure which is coordinated with the interest of the customers
  • Increased use of renewable energies
  • Reduction of periods with peak loads
  • Increase of experience and innovation in this field
  • Reduction of the emissions of CO2 of the consumption of ressources

Involved within the project

  • Salzburg Netz AG
  • TU Wien
  • AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • CURE (Center for Usability Research & Engineering)
  • Siemens
  • Salzburg Wohnbau

As part of: New Energies 2020, Austrian Fund for Climate and Energy (KLIEN)

SMART GRID (German, Salzburg AG 2013)

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