Elements for implementation of the Model region for Smart Grids in Salzburg:
Active distribution in medium and low voltage grids

ZUQDE - central U/Q control for decentralized suppliers

This project deals about the implementation of a central grid control to stabilize the supply voltage and to compensate reactive power. The necessary parameters for the control are found out by the control staff based on information about the load (consumption of electrical energy). Modern control circuits enable an automated and a safe grid operation. By this grid control it should be possible to integrate a higher number of decentralized energy suppliers (for example photovoltaic power plants) .


Involved within the project

  • Salzburg Netz AG
  • Siemens AG Österreich

DG DemoNET Smart LV Grid

The object of this project is the integration of a high number of photovoltaic power plants and electric vehicles into the grid by real-time observation and an active grid operation. In the grid of the municipality Köstendorf methods for grid control and grid operation will be tested. The construction of photovoltaic power plants and the use of electric vehicles have been subsidized, so a high number of decentralized energy suppliers and electrical vehicles in this grid could be reached. For the implementation of Smart Grids concepts, also smart meters and a communication infrastructure have been installed. The next steps are the collecting of experience for the grid operation and the grid control to find methods for the optimal integration of decentralized suppliers and loads.

TV-Report about the model municipality Köstendorf (german)

Involved within the project

  • Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Siemens AG
  • Fronius International GmbH
  • Energie AG Oberösterreich Netz GmbH
  • Salzburg Netz GmbH
  • Linz Strom Netz GmbH
  • BEWAG Netz GmbH
  • TU Wien

DG Demonetz Validation

In this project different methods for the control of the grid voltage have been tested in two parts of the supply grid in Salzburg and Vorarlberg. An object of the project was to integrate a lot of decentralized energy supplier (for example photovoltaic power plants) into the power grid without negative consequences for the supply voltage. Further, the positive effects of the integration of decentralized energy suppliers on the stabilization of the supply voltage have been examined.

Involved within the project

  • Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Salzburg Netz GmbH
  • VKW Netz, Energie AG Netz
  • TU Wien EEG
  • Siemens AG Österreich

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