ZQ3Demo - Implementation of urban Future Quarters including stakeholder integration and legally and economically replicable solutions

ZQ3Demo accompanies three innovative urban quarters in Vienna to demonstrate and further develop ecologically and economically sustainable solutions for the implementation of Plus-Energy-Quarters (PEQ) on the basis of real-life examples.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

High shares of highly volatile renewable energy sources pose great challenges for our entire current energy system. The basic goal is: Even with high on-site energy generation, public grids should not be burdened by additional peaks due to high feed-in (PV) or simultaneous consumption (e-cars, heating peaks).

Especially in dense urban areas, it is therefore reasonable to optimize buildings not as individual systems, but as part of a larger quarter development, in order to make use of the full potential of interconnected systems.

In this way, renewable energy systems can be integrated more efficiently into urban structures and overarching energy grids, and storage potentials can be exploited more optimally through different uses and load shifts. At present, however, there is still a lack of systematic implementation of individual technologies and, consequently, of realized examples of Plus-Energy-Quarters (PEQ).

Contents and goals

The objectives of the project are to promote the replication of plus-energy-quarters by implementing and demonstrating real-life showcase models with accompanying research, monitoring and operational optimization, as well as to further develop technical system solutions with regard to architecture, energy systems for buildings and quarter networks. Furthermore, the project focusses on increasing the acceptance for PEQ solutions through the active involvement of users and targeted communication and information strategies.


ZQ3Demo accompanies three inner-city quarters over a period of three years in order to demonstrate ecologically and economically sustainable solutions for the implementation of plus-energy quarters by means of real-life examples.

The participating quarters (two demo quarters in Vienna: "Pilzgasse" and "Campo Breitenlee"; as well as one follower quarter in Lower Austria: "Wr. Neustadt") are unique in their variety of functions (living, working, education), degrees of implementation (concept, submission, construction) and financing (privately financed, non-profit).

Thus, different framework conditions can be examined simultaneously in the project. In addition, concrete solutions are developed and demonstrated from the perspective of the main stakeholders (planners, users and implementers), who are also directly involved as partners in the project.

Expected results

The implementation of projects in urban quarters provides real-world showcases that are currently yet lacking in the building sector. These showcases are validated via monitoring and accompanying research throughout the project. The experiences made will finally be processed in key findings to provide a solid data and knowledge base for future Plus-Energy-Quarter developments.

Project Partners

Project management

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (Institut für Raumplanung, Umweltplanung und Bodenordnung & Institut für Verfahrens‐ und Energietechnik)
  • Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
  • Institute of Building Research & Innovation ZT GmbH
  • Wiener Heim Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH
  • synn architekten ZT‐OG
  • Architekten Soyka/Silber/Soyka ZT GmbH
  • Treberspurg & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH
  • Böhm Stadtbaumeister & Gebäudetechnik GmbH
  • Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT GmbH
  • hacon GmbH
  • NÖ Energie‐ und Umweltagentur GmbH
  • IIBW Institut für Immobilien, Bauen und Wohnen GmbH

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