DieWärmePioniere - Participatory climate transformation roadmap as basis for a demo district in the gas-supplied Kahlenbergerdorf

Development of a transformation roadmap for the decarbonization of a neighborhood and implementation of a subarea. Securing acceptance of the project and raising awareness through an active participation process of the population and the establishment of an energy community for heat supply.

Short Description



Initial situation, problems and motivation

The urban district Kahlenbergerdorf in Vienna takes the initiative, to pioneer the implementation of the heat transition. In a newly founded association, the motivated residents want to jointly implement the changeover from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources for the heat supply of their buildings.

The residents of Kahlenbergerdorf take responsibility for the next generation and will convert the energy system in the neighbourhood to renewable energy sources. The most important step is the heat transition in the neighbourhood, i.e. the conversion of the natural gas-based heat supply to a renewable heat supply. In order to achieve the heat transition, an integral, climate-neutral energy concept for heating, cooling and power supply as well as the needs of e-mobility will be developed at the beginning.

Goals and innovation content

The overarching, long-term goal is to transform the Kahlenbergerdorf into a carbon-neutral neighbourhood. Like Austria and Vienna, Kahlenbergerdorf has set itself the goal of being carbon-neutral by 2040. Based on a transformation roadmap for the neighbourhood, the first step is to prepare the implementation of a demonstration project for the urban heat transition in a sub-area of the neighbourhood.

For this purpose, the following objectives are set for the project:

  • Development of a transition roadmap for a climate-neutral neighbourhood, which includes concrete technical and innovative measures, a timetable for implementation, the CO2 reduction path as well as relevant actors
  • Securing acceptance of the planned implementation measures for climate neutrality through an active participation process among building owners and residents
  • Development of a business and organisational model Energy Community plus, which, in addition to the PV Energy Community, also takes into account the implementation of the heat transition and new requirements such as room cooling and e-charging stations
  • Selection of a sub-area for the realisation of a demonstration project for the transformation into a climate-neutral neighbourhood

Methodological approach

For the development of the transformation roadmap, a GIS-based urban information model is used. When creating the model, not only the status of the buildings is taken into account, but also renovations that have already been carried out as well as planned renovations, future needs, potential available at the location and the wishes of the residents.

Open government data (OGD) from Open Data Austria will be used as a basis, and further data will be collected by means of questionnaires and on-site inspections. Based on this model, all buildings will be classified into transformation paths and a pilot area will be elicited in consultation with the residents.

Expected results and findings

The results of the project are roadmaps for the transformation of the entire Kahlenbergdorf into a climate-neutral neighbourhood by 2040 and decisions and documents for the start with a pilot area.

The building owners and residents have developed the transformation roadmap themselves - with the support of experts - and have been able to successfully introduce innovative energy technologies and sector coupling and are aware of the impact of the decisions.

In the course of the process, a business and organisational model is developed, where the roles and obligations of the individual building owners are defined - in distinction to energy service providers for the construction and operation of the energy system.

Project Partners

Project management

e7 energy innovation & engineering

Project or cooperation partners

  • realitylab GmbH
  • Verein zur Förderung der Klimaneutralität im Kahlenbergerdörfl (KLIMADÖRFL)

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