SonnWende+ Efficient solutions for photovoltaic energy management based on block chain technology

The project deals with the analysis of Blockchain technology in the context of renewable electricity producers and flexibility as enabler for innovative service concepts, tested in the innovation-lab “Energie Innovation Cluster Südburgenland”. The goal is to find new and efficient Blockchain-based solutions for services in energy management and trading in a local level.

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Starting point / motivation

The ambition to significantly increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity sector is associated with a number of challenges. In the order they occur, these were/are the costs of renewable energy technologies, the grid integration of distributed generation plants and the influence of the volatility of renewable generation on the technical and economic energy system.

While technology costs were initially offset by subsidies, which can be gradually reduced, there have been far-reaching technological developments in the field of network integration in order to keep grid integration costs within limits. In the area of volatility, energy storage, flexibility and, last but not least, conventional backup capacities must be relied on. This is where the SonnWende+ project comes in.

Contents and goals

In order to achieve a nationwide availability of load flexibility and battery storage, appropriate business models are necessary. The challenge here lies in the relatively small amounts of energy that have to be recorded and billed at great expense.

The already scarce profitability is finally questioned by the high organizational effort. The Blockchain approach offers a promising solution to this problem. By far-reaching automation of transactions and billing, organizational overhead is reduced to a minimum.

Compared to the state of the art, Blockchain technology enables immediate, reliable billing of purchased and supplied power between market players with the possibility of complete automation without additional interfaces.

This opens up enormous potential for making energy management and trading more efficient and largely decentralized. The innovation laboratory, on whose infrastructure the Blockchain solutions can be tested, has a virtual power plant on the electrical side consisting of a storage cluster, photovoltaic systems and flexible loads.


In collaboration with the partners of the innovation laboratory, an ecosystem will be created in which customers and suppliers of energy services can develop and test new solutions for photovoltaic self-optimization at multi-family house, district and regional levels in co-creation processes. SonnWende+'s partners bring the necessary competence in the following areas to the project:

  • Blockchain
  • energy industry
  • electricity
  • Power2Heat
  • Living Lab approach

Expected results

Concrete solutions will be specified and their feasibility checked within the scope of the project. The design will be adjusted and a Blockchain-demonstrator implemented in the innovation-lab. Project results will be well-performing application pattern for the Blockchain technology which are planned to be further developed for their application in the lab as well as the deployment in the field.

Project Partners

Project management

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
  • lab10 collective eG

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Dr. Friederich Kupzog
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A-1210 Wien
Tel.: +43 (505) 50 6059