Reallabor 100% renewable energy Waldviertel

Under the motto "Always one step ahead", the aim is to develop a content-related and economic implementation concept for a "Reallabor 100% erneuerbare Energie Waldviertel".

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

The region under consideration throughout this pilot phase project of the "Reallabor 100% renewable energy laboratory Waldviertel", known as the Upper Waldviertel (Gmünd, Zwettl, Waidhofen/Thaya and Horn) with its 80 municipalities has played a pioneering role in the field of renewable energy for many years. This mentality towards renewable energy and climate awareness is well embedded in the region's credo "keep one step ahead".

This progressive attitude is represented by numerous innovative contributions to the energy transition movement. Amongst others, this has been shown by the implementation of various scientific research projects, the formation of climate and energy model regions (KEM) and climate adaptation regions (KLAR), as well as by committed associations and organizations.

Thus, this pilot study for the "Reallabor 100% renewable energy laboratory Waldviertel" will make use of these existing initiatives, available infrastructures, data and networks (e.g. KEMs, KLARs, Leader, Verein Interkom, as well as existing hardware, PV, biomass, wind energy and software solutions from research projects). It thus takes best possible advantage of the existing above-average awareness and committed population in the area of investigation.

In making best possible use of these endowments, this project ensures that the associated research takes place at an excellent location, which is also well suited for the implementation of a real laboratory. Having achieved much already of what will only emerge in large parts of Austria in the next few years (e.g. high PV density,...), this area offers the opportunity to develop concepts and business models that can be implemented throughout Austria in 2-3 years and can thus be multiplied.

Contents and goals

The aim of the project is to develop a content-related and economic implementation concept for a "Reallabor 100% erneuerbare Energie Waldviertel".

This includes among other things

  • an inventory (e.g. value chains, ecosystems, energetic actual situation, enablers, multipliers, ...) as well as a requirements analysis in the region,
  • the development of a catalogue of measures to achieve 100% renewable energy in the "Reallabor 100% erneuerbare Energie Waldviertel" by 2030 and, building on this, the development and evaluation of initial concepts and business models with the involvement of the population and the Regional Advisory Council
  • as well as the development of a strategy for the operation of the "Reallabor 100% erneuerbare Energie Waldviertel" (implementation roadmap), including an initial assessment of the economic framework and the evaluation of followup financing forms in the future.

All of this is done with the aim of 

  • improving the economic viability of renewable generation technologies and thus accelerating their expansion in the region,
  • to strengthen biomass and local suppliers and thus contribute to the renewable heat transition,
  • to make consumption and generation more flexible by means of sector coupling and promoting the joint use of (battery/thermal) storage capacities, and,
  • to support the transition to electro mobility in various formats and ways. 

Together with the people in the region and the regional advisory board initiated as part of the project, acceptable and feasible business models, ideas, concepts, etc. will be developed in order to achieve the goal of 100% renewables by 2030.


The following focal points are set:

  • Strengthening regionality: Develop effective concepts and business models (without necessary investments and technology input on the part of the participants) to encourage as many people as possible to participate in the energy transition.
  • Promoting supply security: With the aim of securing the regional basic supply (security, electricity and heat, water, food), holistic solutions are developed in a co-creative process in order to sustainably secure the basic supply, e.g. for emergency services, water and local heating suppliers by generating added value for participants.

Expected results

Displaying the potentials of RES: Role model projects in the region that will show that (technology-focused) (business) models are essential to develop energy flexibility potentials and that the change towards 100% renewables in the region and, moreover, does not necessarily change people's everyday lives.

"Reallabor Waldviertel" thus makes a significant contribution to the path towards a 100%
renewable energy future.

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Project or cooperation partners

  • EPOOL – Experten Pool für Energietechnik, -wirtschaft und –recht
  • FH Technikum Wien
  • Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH

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