Plus Energy Melk - Path for the realization of Plus-Energy-Districs in Melk

The city of Melk has set itself the goal of playing a pioneering role in renewable energy supply and climate protection. In this context, an initiative is aimed at implementing Positive Energy Districts. Two urban development projects are currently underway to examine under which framework conditions, technical and organisational solutions Positive Energy Districts can be realised. A proactive participation process aims at informing developers and investors as well as other stakeholders about the realization of PlusEnergy concepts.

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Starting point / motivation

Positive Energy Districts are areas that produce more energy than they consume over a defined balancing period for a defined system boundary. The advantages and benefits of Positive Energy Districts have already been proven many times in research and are visible in individual demonstration projects, often in larger cities. In smaller cities, this concept is not yet widely used.

Contents and goals

The city of Melk has set itself the goal of setting high standards for climate protection and renewable energy resources in current and future urban development areas. In preparation for the implementation of Plus-Energy-Areas, two very different development areas are being examined with regard to which technical measures, organisational solutions and economic effects Plus-Energy-Areas can be implemented. Since the city is not constructing any buildings of its own, one goal is to convince the developers and investors of this concept.

The aim of the exploratory study is to examine two concrete and very different urban development areas in the city of Melk: 

  • a small inner-city area, with predominantly commercial use, on the edge of the historic old town; and 
  • a larger area in the "green field", with predominantly residential use.

The experiences and concepts serve as a pathfinder for the realisation of future energy showcase districts in other smaller cities.


At the beginning of the project, the definition of Positive Energy Districts will be discussed. Especially the contrasting approaches of both areas can make an important contribution to the concretization of the definition.

Based on the needs and goals of the client, the city of Melk and the citizens, a common catalogue of requirements for Positive Energy Districts is to be developed. The individual areas will be examined by means of spatial energy analyses, energy concepts and technical-organizational analyses and suitable digital solutions for demand response will be proposed. Possible approaches of business models and energy communities will be analysed.

By the active participation of the city of Melk as well as the involved land owners and building contractors and with the involvement of citizens, the acceptance as preparation for an implementation and a most practical conception for Positive Energy Districts should be ensured.

Expected results

The result of the sounding out process is a decision paper for developers and investors as well as a roadmap for the city of Melk for the realization of Positive Energy Districts. At the same time, the results and findings of this exploratory process will be processed for other small towns and cities to provide them with an impetus and support for Positive Energy Districts.

Project Partners

Project management

e7 energy innovation & engineering

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  • City of Melk
  • NÖ Energie- und Umweltagentur Betriebs-GmbH (eNu)

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