P2PQ - Peer2Peer im Quartier

The research project Peer2Peer im Quartier deals with applications optimizing the selfconsumption of PV-generated energy within urban quarters by enabling peer-to-peer relations among energy prosumers based on Blockchains. Aim is to develop and validate these applications in real operation.

Short Description

The benefits of using Blockchain technology are reaching from data security to confidential billing platforms for prosumers. Beside the research and implementation activities, new business models for operators of energy infrastructure in quarters from the viewpoint of an energy provider are conceptualized, validated in a test phase, and – based on the results – recommendations for future concepts are elaborated.

By relying on blockchain technology and its associated advantages, the project aims to establish fast and easy methods for completing contracts between two or more parties in order to trade and transfer energy within a city quarter. Within this project, a framework regarding digital contracts for peer-to-peer energy provision relations is defined and options for straightforward participation and withdrawal ("easy-in/easy-out") are investigated. For an optimal usability, a user interface will be implemented and made available to the test users – being both energy providers and consumers.

For finding adequate partners in the peer-to-peer network, an innovative discovery mechanism will be implemented. To guarantee a high usability and an optimal distribution of the generated energy, 1:1 relations as well as n:m relations will be available to the participants (several providers, several consumers). The main goal of the project is the optimization of the self-consumption of PV-generated electricity within the quarter. Additionally, the results of this optimization are analyzed regarding the influence of peer-to-peer applications towards the general equilibrium within the urban quarter.

Forecast data (e.g., consumption data for working days, weekends and holidays; etc.) for users and the quarter are used as input data for the optimization.

Besides the technical implementations, business models for Wien Energie and key determinants for economic viability of the innovative concepts will be evaluated. The proof of concept will be implemented in "Viertel Zwei", an urban development area in Vienna's Second District. On site the necessary infrastructure (PV-systems, battery storage) will be installed and the blockchain applications will be deployed. In the final project stages the results will be evaluated, the business cases will be validated, and recommendations for future concepts will be generated.

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Wien Energie GmbH

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  • AIT
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