OWA+Quartier - Sustainable refurbishment and energy supply for the historic Otto-Wagner-Areal towards a plus-energy district

Development of thermal and electrical energy supply for the Otto-Wagner-Areal as well as model solutions for construction and building services in order to initiate the redevelopment of the area in the direction of a plus-energy district.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

The „Otto-Wagner-Areal" is a unique Art Nouveau jewel under monument protection, where the new university campus of the Central European University and student residences are to be built in the future.

The exploratory project "Otto-Wagner-Areal Plus" from the 6th call for proposals "Stadt der Zukunft" ("City of the Future") came to the conclusion that a comprehensive renovation of the Otto Wagner Areal (Vienna), which is subject to historic preservation, to the Plus Energy Standard would have to be feasible despite the strict requirements of monument protection.

The research project builds directly on these results and with its findings aims to support the planning teams as best as possible in the realisation.

Contents and goals

With the involvement of the developers of the Otto Wagner Areal (CEU and WSE Wiener Standortentwicklung GmbH) a thermal and electrical energy supply for the approximately 165,000 m² (gross floor area) area as well as model solutions for construction and building services will be developed in order to initiate the redevelopment of the quarter in the direction of a Plus-Energy-Quarter and to support the respective planning team.

The aim is that the measures developed and agreed in advance with the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments will be evaluated in a representative, typical demonstrational building (Pavilion 4). Based on these results, the renovation concept is to be transferred to the other pavilions, which will be monitored as part of the research project.


Sample solutions are being developed for the issues to be addressed in the project with regard to building physics and energy supply. Energy supply concepts with the highest possible usage of renewable energy supply and using available waste heat are being developed for various energy demand scenarios. The renovation scenarios developed in the project are evaluated with the help of life cycle cost analyses (LCA).

Expected results

The results of the building physics and energy model solutions as well as the developed renovation measures are documented in a comprehensive final report.

The lighthouse effect of this internationally visible project is very large: In addition to the special characteristics of the important Art Nouveau site, the network and the worldwide wide reach of the CEU and its students from all over the world should make the project an impulse for the achievement of climate neutrality in the building sector.

Project Partners

Project management

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • Wien Energie GmbH
  • Trimmel Wall Architekten ZTGmbH
  • UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH
  • TU Wien – Institut für Architektur und Entwerfen
  • Lang consulting
  • Dr. Alexander Keul – Umweltpsychologie, Angewandte Psychologie

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