LehB:klimafit! Live in existing buildings today: climate fit together

The aim of the project is to explore transferable renovation concepts for the implementation of climate-fit renovations in Vienna. Integrally optimized renovation packages will be developed, which will be optimized in the building ensembles for implementation-probable, climate-friendly overall solutions with the relevant stakeholders.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

According to the plans of the Austrian federal government and the new Vienna city government, climate neutrality and a 100% renewable energy supply are to be achieved by 2040. However, individual measures such as replacing oil or gas boilers are not enough: Strategies such as "deep renovation" or "solar plus energy renovation" aim for comprehensive renovation concepts. It is better to renovate once "correctly, future-proof, climate-ready" than twice halfway!

With the targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions defined in the Smart City Wien framework strategy, cities are also faced with the challenge of making housing costs in general and energy supply in particular sustainable and affordable in the revitalization and renovation of existing buildings. A high, socially balanced quality of life is essential for user acceptance.

Content and goals

In Austria, a robust standard for the PlusEnergyDistricts (PED) in new buildings was developed with the participation of the applicants within the framework of the "Zukunftsquartier" approach, which normatively refers to climate neutrality in 2040 and has already been implemented several times. This will be extended neighborhood retrofits as part of the project.

Expected results

The development of transferable renovation concepts as substantial preliminary work for the implementation of climate-friendly renovations in Vienna is the focus of the investigations. The building ensembles investigated for this purpose originate from different construction periods in Viennese districts with different socio-economic framework conditions.

In the project "Live in existing buildings today: climate fit together" (LehB:klimafit!) five building ensembles located in Vienna are investigated. These were selected in the course of an intensive ensemble search with the building owner ÖSW. At least one project is to be implemented.

Project Partners

Project management

FH Technikum Wien, Main Research Renewable Energy Systems

Project or cooperation partners

  • IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie
  • Wohnbund Consult
  • UIV - Urban Innovation Vienna
  • Technisches Büro Käferhaus
  • Innovationslabor Renowave.at

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