Itz Smart – Carbon neutral city district development Itzling – Implementing innovation and technology via co-operative process design

The goal of the project “Itz Smart” is to tie in with existing activities and to consistently develop Itzling as a residential location further. In the test and demonstration area, sustainable residential quarters with trendsetting solutions for mobility are developed in the zone of the transport axis (railway and Schillerstraße) and along the local supply axis (Itzlinger Hauptstraße). The consideration of housing and mobility with regard to the aspect of “city of short ways“ also entails a discussion of determined mixed utilisation and the development of such residential quarters.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

In the recent years some exemplary projects within the city district development project Itzling have been implemented and further projects are currently planned. To boost the spirit in this district further on and to implement the developments of a smart city step by step it is useful to consider the numerous single activities in a context, also with regard to an innovative technological approach. Within the project "Smart Itz Goes" renovation principals towards carbon neutrality for the largest residential quarter that was established in the 1970s are worked out.

Under the name "Science City" the science and education site around the center of technology will be further developed. These residential buildings are characteristic for the district Itzling and are situated in the centre of the test and demonstration area. From the perspective of the department for city planning the improvement of the quality of location with consideration of the smart city Salzburg targets are the starting situation and are also supported by politics.

Contents and goals

The use of innovative technologies was already impressively demonstrated in some city development areas with new buildings. However, the challenge in the city district Itzling is a special one, though typical for Salzburg – already existing buildings. In this case there are primarily areas for renovation, construction extensions and restructuring that shall be developed and mobilised.

Existing buildings and available infrastructure set tight parameters. The implementation of innovative technologies in the context of housing and mobility will be initiated by means of a co-operative process. By integrating concerned actors, users proprietors, planners, building associations, public administration and politicians, problems in the test and demonstration area shall become visible and common solution approaches shall be developed under these prevailing premises. With this general view on interests and projects synergies can be identified and a suitable bundle of technologies for implementation can be prepared.

In the field of mobility not just the use of new technologies is decisive but also the integration in a master traffic concept and the development of urban services. The increasing importance of the train line through the city district which shall be developed towards a city railway influences the developments. A central part for the living, science and business location is the connection to Salzburg main station as a turntable for commuters.

The place of residence has a strong influence on the personal behaviour of mobility. However, the topics mobility and housing are considered separately within the housing and settlement development and new offers for multi-modal mobility in planning processes are not considered sufficient enough. The co-operative strategy in "Itz-Smart" aims to resolve this deficit.

Expected results

The result is an innovation and technology portfolio with a strategy for implementation for the test and demonstration area. The goal is to make this portfolio binding for the particular stakeholder in the form of quality agreements for the further implementation and following processes.

Project Partners

Project management

SIR – Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen

Project or cooperation partners

  • Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH – Smart Building
  • komobile Gmunden GmbH
  • raum & kommunikation GmbH

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