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IÖB-ENERGY - Public procurement for intelligent urban energy solutions

Assessment of the potential for pre-commercial procurement in the Smart City energy sector in Austria in the areas of innovative building technologies, urban energy systems and systems for urban planning. The results will serve as the basis for recommendations for future priority setting for public procurers.

Short Description




Starting point/motivation

For the long-term realisation of smart city strategies in Austria, public procurement promoting innovation in terms of pre-commercial procurement (PCP) could be beneficial.

PCP is a R&D service conducted in the form of competitive phases, whereby the R&D solutions are developed further from phase to phase and the number of R&D providers is reduced at the same time (selection of the best interim solutions for the next phase).

Contents and goals

The objective of the project is the assessment of the potential of pre-commercial procurement in three thematic focus areas of the umbrella topic "smart city":

  • Innovative building technologies (nearly zero energy buildings via building information modelling, adaptive facades, energy storage systems, etc.)
  • Urban energy systems (management of renewable urban energy systems, minimum temperatures district heating, supercapacitors, smart meter, etc.)
  • Systems for urban planning (CO2 neutrality, district restructuring, mobile apps for public participation, etc.).

Although the environmental standards are generally high in Austria, much remains to be done especially in the public sector. This is true with respect to the pursued energy targets as well as the role-model effect of public bodies (image, reference projects, and positive exertion of market power). The project will contribute to enhance the existing smart city strategies with implementation-oriented innovative solutions for the public sector and, in addition, to pave the way for concrete 'commercial procurement of innovation'.


Identification of specific demands of Austrian procurers and the exploration of their willingness to implement PCPs by means of:

  • Research and analysis of documents
  • Expert interviews
  • Stakeholder-Workshops and focus groups
  • Development of a classification model

Expected results

  • Identification and lessons learned from existing PCPs
  • Identification, classification and prioritisation of planned and future possible PCPs within focus-groups of procurers
  • Recommendations for future priorities of public procurers

Project Partners

Project management

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Project or cooperation partner

e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH

Contact Address

Mag. Eva Buchinger
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Donau-City-Straße 1
A-1220 Wien
Tel.: +43 (5) 0550 – 4543
Fax: +43 (5) 0550 – 4599

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