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Green facades with moss plants

Development of moss-covered facade panels by selecting and testing of appropriate moss species, new water storage and adhesive substratum, Materials of the support panels and technical construction details, for year-round green, sustainable, maintenance friendly, affordable building facades

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Starting point / motivation

There is a demand for greening of buildings and urban structures in the population and planners. However, this can be rarely realized successfully. Currently, there are only 2 options available, which involve limitations:

  • The growth of climbing plants (with and without trellises) needs root space beneath the facade surface and often causes damage to the building and require maintenance.
  • The installation of plant pots on the facade is very expensive, it results in high maintenance costs and implies technically problematic construction details (thermal bridges).

The special case of coverage by algae and lichen on ETICS (exterior thermal insulation compound systems) is often perceived as dirt, and thus in general a non-intented greening.

Contents and goals

With this project a third option for greening buildings with moss-covered facade panels will be developed and tested which

  • Ensure year-round green facades,
  • are durable and maintenance extensive, and
  • can be inexpensively built and maintained.


This can be achieved via selection and testing of

  • Suitable moss species,
  • New water storage and adhesive substratum on or in the support panels,
  • The materials of the support panels, and the
  • Development of technical construction details.

Scientific growth experiments on sample surfaces and construction development work are targeted.

Expected results

The first information gained from the observation and documentation of plant development and building construction material samples and technical construction details should make it possible to move toward product development in a follow-up project with business partners. Moss Planted facade panels for building facades have a high potential for

  • New ways of greening of buildings and the
  • Greening of urban structures with
  • Interesting architectural design options and
  • Many additional benefits (sound absorption, dust control, air humidity balancing, preventing summer heat islands, psychological benefits, biomonitoring ...).

Project Partners

Project management

Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, Vienna University of Technology

Project or cooperation partners

Contact Address

Abteilung Bauphysik und Bauökologie, TU Wien
Univ.Prof. Dr. A. Mahdavi
Karlsplatz 13/4
A-1040 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 58801 27003

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