FFF-TaliSys - Freeform Systems for Daylighting to be Integrated in a Façade and in a Skylight

In the course of the project FFF-TaliSys novel daylighting systems based on freeform surface technology were developed and implemented into functional models, thus, innovative systems that solve the contradictory requirements of daylighting systems.

Short Description

The project was aimed at developing systems for façades and skylights that yield optimal visual and thermal functionality avoiding moveable parts and complex controls (low-tech systems with high-tech optics). For the integration into the building skin as well as the optimization of the optical systems both thermal and visual boundary conditions were considered aiming at energy-efficient solutions that guarantee highest visual and thermal comfort in new and retrofitted buildings.

Consulting the management of the participating companies HELLA and Bartenbach (BB) and involving the planning groups at BB („Lighting Design") it was decided to put a focus on the usage of direct sunlight. The results of a market analysis and a patent research have reinforced this strategic orientation of the project FFF-TaliSys.

The sidelight system is a lens disk directing sunlight up to the floor in the depth of the room. Thus natural solar radiation is not kept away by sun protecting and glare sheet but intentionally contributes to Human Centric Lighting in areas far from the façades without wasting primary energy.

Especially for high buildings, exterior systems are not feasible due to wind load. Fixed systems are frequently rejected by architects as well as occupants. An implementation as vertical removable blinds solves these issues. Depending on the potential to miniaturize the optics other compositions are imaginable too, for example roller shutters.

The chosen concept enables an adjustable adaptation to geographical position, orientation and thermal characteristics of the building and room use. Realized by an adequate configuration of lens disks during installation this avoids autotracking and complex control strategies for the blends.
For the skylight different supports for solar tubes to optimize the utilization of direct sunlight have been developed. Different implementations have been studied, which allow for a construction kit adaptable to the situation and the purpose on hand.

Functional models have been realized by 3D printing. Additionally, a special four cavity mold for a lens disk has been ordered. This allows to check different methods for a cost-efficient serial production. The lens disk can be manufactured either in three different parts that have to be assembled after wards or in Two-Component Injection Moulding by insert molding of the central part.

Project Partners

Project management

Bartenbach GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • HELLA Group / HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH
  • University of Innsbruck, Institute for Construction and Materials Science, Division Energy Efficient Buildings

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