F4WM - Fit4WienerMission

Preparation for the EU Urban Mission by updating goals and strategies (Smart City Wien Framework strategy, Climate-Roadmap), developing a manual for climate-neutral Viennese neighbourhoods and concepts for the participation of citizens (Climate Citizens' Council) and businesses (Climate Agreements), as well as a city-internal capacity and structural planning.

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In the coalition program 2020-2024, the City of Vienna has set the goal of reaching climate-neutrality by 2040. To implement the required activities, Vienna aims to participate in the EU Urban Mission "100C Climate-Neutral Cities". The R&D program Fit4UrbanMission provides the necessary support and contributes to the preparation of necessary systemic transformation processes of the city.

The project Fit4WienerMission (F4WM) supports the revision of the Smart City Wien framework strategy (SCWR) and enables essential adjustments of the SCWR goals and its vision to the climate neutrality target 2040.

Additionally, the Climate-Roadmap will be elaborated as a pathway for the decarbonization of Vienna, summarizing the needed ambitious measures and instruments. Furthermore, a first manual forclimate-neutral neighbourhoods in Vienna will be created, which includes greenhouse gas balancing methods and measures for climate change adaptation and mitigation, adjusted to different neighbourhood typologies.

In order to achieve climate neutrality in 2040, the relevant stakeholders - city-related institutions,
research, businesses, NGOs and civil society - must be involved in the implementation of the systemic transformation. In F4WM, this activation is designed and launched using three innovative approaches:

  • Firstly, inspired by the EU Climate Pact1, sector- and company-specific climate agreements will be elaborated. They stand for a voluntary commitment between the city and relevant Viennese organizations and companies to reach the climate neutrality target 2040. The cooperation with the City of Vienna will be set up jointly on a long-term basis and at eye level.
  • Secondly, solutions for achieving climate neutrality in city districts will be developed with local actors in Co-Creation Labs on "Climate-Neutral Neighbourhoods". The proposals will be incorporated into the above-mentioned manual.
  • Thirdly, a first concept for a Vienna Climate Assembly will be developed to ensure a broad, socially equitable and in-depth participation of civil society. The Climate Assembly shall consist of representatively drawn citizens and accompany the implementation of the 100 Climate-Neutral Cities Mission until 2030.

In order to be also city-internal best positioned to participate in the Urban Mission, a planning of the necessary governance, structure, capacities, resources and funding will be prepared. Furthermore, in the spirit of multi -level governance and peer2peer capacity building, the exchange with other Austrian cities and the BMK will be intensified. Because only together we can achieve climate neutrality in 2040.

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Stadt Wien / MA 20 – Energy Planning

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  • Stadt Wien / MA 18 – Urban Development and Urban Planning
  • Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

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