EnerPHit-green concept Modernisation of a historic building with application of an aerogel insulation plaster

This demonstration project shows the comprehensive modernization of a historic building within the constraints of a regional protection zone. By using the Aerogel high-performance insulating plaster, a comprehensive energy-efficient building refurbishment will be realized without changing the outer appearance of the façade.

Short Description

Contents and goals

The project aims to realize an efficient modernization of a historic building, which is an example for a large inventory of buildings within the constraints of a regional protection zone.

The demonstration building, on which the modernization was performed, is located in the Äußere Mariahilferstraße. In consequence of a gas explosion in April 2014 it was severely damaged, thus allowing a consequent modernization of the intact parts of the building.


A substantial part of the modernization is the thermal optimization of the roadside facade standards while maintaining the original appearance by using the aerogel high-performance insulating plaster. The modernization of box-type windows as well as the extensive insulation measures of the courtyard facade completes the refurbishment actions.

The concept for building services provides the conversion to central heat supply and the installation of a controlled ventilation system. In addition the rooftop will be refurbished according to passive house methods and the gain of before nonexistent open space is planned.

Expected results

Documentation and monitoring is carried out in consultation with the research project "Gründerzeit with future prospects" so that the results of the present project can be incorporated into the ongoing dissemination of the key project (website, technical articles, events, national / international, etc.). This allows considerable synergy effects.

At the same time, the project closes the gap to the already implemented demonstration projects in the conservation area (Kaiserstraße 7) and passive house standards (Eberl alley).

Project Partners

Project management

Immobilienverwaltung und -vermittlung Helga BRUN

Project or cooperation partners

  • Trimmel Wall Architekten ZTGmbH
  • Schöberl und Pöll GmbH Bauphysik und Forschung
  • e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH

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