CO-MOD - Increasing comfort and energy efficiency through improved lighting and air quality in schools - implementation through modular EPC-models and ESCO-networks

In general local educational institutions such as schools and kindergardens have a high average demand for improved comfort and energy efficiency improvements. CO-MOD develops a flexible, modular concept (with provider networks, various financing options incl. "Grandmother"-Energy Services, contract modules) that can also respond to the individual circumstances of smaller objects.

Short Description

Communal educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens generally have a high demand for comfort and energy efficiency improvements. Energy performance contracting is for quite some time expected to provide solutions for this, however this model is limited to projects with energy-baselines over € 100.000,--.

The CO-MOD project developed a flexible, modular concept that responds to the individual circumstances of smaller objects (€20.000 -50.000,-) and thus enables implementation of measures improving energy efficiency and user comfort also in this sector. Besides the surrounding for learning and teaching gets smarter.

The characteristic element is the integration of parents and grandparents into the financing structure to close financing gaps. Relatives and supporters can enable their protégés optimal learning conditions.

A comprehensive market research shows the acceptance of parents/grandparents and stakeholders (mayors and directors of elementary schools) on this issue:

  • What are the prior measures that should be implemented?
  • What are the relevant and important factors?
  • What are the framework conditions for a participation of parents/grandparents?

Based on the results of the market research the modular concept that responds to the individual circumstances of smaller objects has been developed:

  • Technical preparation of standardized measures to improve user comfort and energy efficiency in the fields of "heat", "light" and "air" including appropriate proof of performance
  • The CO-MOD-partner-network provides the following service: companies from the various technical business areas act in the sense of One-face-to-the-customer. Depending on the specific project requirements, only those parts of the network energy services will be activated that are necessary to implement the measures. The network acts as a single partner to the customer and shall be liable – as far as it can influence the results - for the energy performance and function.
  • Modular and innovative financing:
    - non-refundable maintenance funds serve as base funding
    - non-repayable grants for energy efficiency measures from Energy Suppliers (trade of energy savings for fulfilling the regulations of the federal energy efficiency law) or other subsidies of AWS or KPC, federal and local bodies
    - integration of parents and grandparents
    - bank loans, leasing contracts and forfaiting accomplish the financing structure

The project provides the essential base for cities and municipalities to close the gap in the portfolio of energy services for small objects or small baselines, as there are no offers for energy efficiency measures with performance guarantees in this range. Insofar there is a relevant market for these energy services, the focus is on schools and kindergartens, but also local government buildings and offices may be operable.

Project Partners

Project management

DI (FH) Reinhard Ungerböck, Graz Energyagency

Project or cooperation partners

  • Dr. Rausch GmbH
  • m(Research Marktforschung Merchandising Consulting GmbH

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