Climate Hub Vienna - Concept development and preparation of an innovation laboratory to accelerate Vienna’s path to climate neutrality

Preparation of an urban innovation laboratory to support decarbonisation in Vienna by 2040. The focus is on systemic innovation and accelerated roll-out of RTI projects through infrastructure, services, networking and the systematic involvement of city administration and users. The innovation lab is intended to strengthen the effectiveness of innovations and the participation of the Viennese in the transformation.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

The City of Vienna aims to become climate-neutral by 2040. This requires a massive intensification of efforts at all levels. In addition to incentives through legal frameworks, financing, and subsidies, the systematic fuelling of the interface between R&D&I and large-scale rollout is an important building block for acceleration. This task is to be carried out by the future innovation lab.

Contents and goals

This innovation lab intends to provide concrete support to the city administration, companies and civil society in Vienna in accelerating implementation, while expanding the innovation capacity of new city initiatives such as the renovation initiative, the phase out of fossil fuels, the PV initiative, the urban renewal programme „WieNeu+". Furthermore, it is intended to strengthen the "Vienna 2030 - Economy & Innovation" strategy as a flagship project.

Its preparation takes place jointly by the City of Vienna, with departments of the four groups Climate & Environment, Housing & Urban Renewal, Urban Planning & Mobility and Finance & Business, with Wien Energie, AIT and Urban Innovation Vienna, who takes the lead.


In the tradition of the Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy, a holistic approach to climate neutrality is pursued, which combines technological and social innovation and seeks strong synergies with other areas of life to ensure a just transition. For a high climate impact, a systemic approach to technology deployment and a multi-partner approach is promoted, the interface to the administration is established and special attention is paid to acceptance and active participation.

For its preparation numerous possibilities are being explored for the future service portfolio: supporting services for project design, implementation support, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge transfer, new cooperations, a contact point for R&I organisations from abroad, a participation forum, a funding radar, etc. Great importance is attached to immaterial infrastructure in the form of data and simulation models, underpinned by real demonstration spaces in the city.

The portfolio is intended to cover essential cross-cutting and cross-sectorial tasks that particularly public administrators currently can hardly perform in addition to their core tasks. This will support municipal as well as private initiatives and accelerate demonstration as well as the broader roll-out.

At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of potential organisational and financial options will be explored and ultimately all steps will be brought together as concept for Vienna's innovation lab towards climate-neutrality.

The core of the exploration phase is a moderated stakeholder process that organises the involvement of all relevant groups. This is important, as there are already a number of relevant initiatives and services, as well as new ideas for setting up acceleration capacities. This transdisciplinary, multi-actor exploration phase opens up the opportunity to identify gaps, examine and organise new ideas and develop the new innovation lab consistently and cooperatively.

Expected results

The result should be a concept positioning the future innovation lab as the central point of contact for innovations towards climate neutrality in Vienna. It is intended to strengthen existing initiatives and generate added value for them. As a contact point and incubator, it is intended to increase and accelerate R&D&I cooperation and thereby combine innovative capacities to underline Vienna as outstanding business location.

Project Partners

Project management

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT) (P1)
  • Magistrat der Stadt Wien (Wien) (P2)
  • Wien Energie GmbH (WE) (P3)

Contact Address

Waltraud Schmid
Operngasse 17-21
A-1040 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 4000-84273