- Development of a Vision 2030 for a Digital Building Authority and Recommendations for Action in Austria

In Austria, planning permission applications are submitted and managed largely manually. The aims of the project are to evaluate the potential and limitations of digitizing building approval processes and to create a Vision 2030 strategy for a digital building authority.

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Starting point / motivation

Austria created an e-government vision for 2020, which focuses on transparency, collaboration, security, participation, efficiency, and innovation. As a result, government services are increasingly becoming digital.

The digitization of building approval processes has been frequently discussed among stakeholders from the public sector and the construction industry. Currently, regardless of whether an individual wants to make his or her home more energy efficient or a commercial urban developer is planning a large-scale project, comprehensive documents must be prepared and submitted to the authorities to obtain a building permit.

In most cases, stakeholders can submit building permission applications only in paper form. Furthermore, the approval procedure itself involves almost no digital processes. The invitation of parties (e.g., neighbors and professionals), the handling of building negotiations, and documentation are all done in traditional ways.

Many cities and communities in Austria are open to the digitization of building approval processes. Implementation, however, has been inhibited by complex procedures, a lack of experience and technological capabilities, somewhat entrenched legal and political frameworks, and the absence of an inclusive central vision.

Contents and goals

The aims of the project are to evaluate the potential and limitations of digitizing building approval processes, to create a Vision 2030 strategy for a digital building authority, and to provide recommendations for action with the engagement and input of relevant stakeholders.


The project starts with the strategic analysis of building permission processes and of select digitization efforts of public authorities in Austria and other countries. The analysis will be used to identify innovation potential and drivers & inhibitors.

The development of the vision will be based on broad stakeholder involvement, whereby cities, communities, and interest groups will be invited to share their ideas and concerns online and face to face.

To steer the view away from the current situation and toward visionary content, stakeholders will be asked to sketch out their desired building authority of the future and its processes and then to work backward from this vision to the present. The project will investigate the obstacles to be overcome and will provide recommendations for action.

Expected results

The project concludes with a Vision 2030 report for a digital building authority and recommendations for action.

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