50 green houses - Development and demonstration of a low-tech façade greening system

Development of a cost-efficient all-in façade greening system („Greening-Toolkit“) including a maintenance concept, involving all trades and processes, for a broad (facing roads) implementation on facades in the urban built environment, combined with a process innovation for simplification of all necessary coordination processes.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

Although the potential for green facades within existing buildings is high, no suitable low-cost and easy to apply, holistic upgrading-solutions for public, roadside facade-greenings exist. Complex and long decision-making and permission processes within apartment buildings and public administration makes the whole procedure of planning and implementing even more difficult.

The permission process for green facades within the City of Vienna takes currently about one year and leads to the fact, that within the whole year 2017 only one green facade was funded. (source: MA42).

Contents and goals

Therefore, the project "50 grüne Häuser", together with the City of Vienna, will develop an integrated combi-solution as one-stop-shop. This should include a greening-toolkit and an innovative web-based instrument for participation. The greening-toolkit should be a low-tec, low-cost and easy and broadly implementable plant troughs-solution with tendrils and a maintenance concept, that is specifically applicable to existing buildings.


The innovative participation-tool will include and accompany the city administration, building/apartment owners and inhabitants throughout decision-making, planning, implementation and operation. The holistic innovation of the greening-toolkit and the participation-tool will be tested within a co-creation-process of the project "50 grüne Häuser" in Innerfavoriten, which is the main target-area of the innovation-lab GrünStattGrau (grünstattgrau.at). Legal experts will create sample contracts and help with several questions during the research project.

Owners and inhabitants of Innerfavoriten can apply for a Greening-Toolkit in the web-based instrument for participation. As a first step, they receive a link for the interactive participation-tool. The participants can indicate their contact data, information about the property and the location for the wished Greening-toolkit. The interest for a Greening-toolkit will be automatically displayed on an interactive map.

Social and (vegetation-)technical effects of the facade greening will be raised within monitoring and will help to get accurate data for deciders, building developers, planners and building owners. The socio-scientific monitoring will be conducted at different moments during project phases via the integrated survey tool with quantitative questioning. The operation of the vegetation and building-based monitoring is dependent on criteria like building type, exposition and plant cultivation. The development of growth, nutrients, water demand and plant care will be observed.

Expected results

Concluding based on the findings of this project, a multipliable business model is developed for "50 grüne Häuser" that can be transferred to other urban areas and cities in Austria and Europe.

Project Partners

Project management

Victoria Hala, MSc., tatwort Nachhaltige Projekt GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • GrünStattGrau Forschungs- und Innovations GmbH
  • Die Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH – DIE UMWELTBERATUNG
  • Wiener Umweltschutzabteilung (MA22) der Stadt Wien
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU), Department für Bautechnik und Naturgefahren, Institut für Ingenieurbiologie und Landschaftsbau (IBLB)

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