Zero Carbon Buildings International - Evaluation and Analysis

Analysis of the performance of a demonstration building on the Philippines and potential for transferability to other developing and newly industrialising countries.

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The goals of this project "Zero Carbon Building International" are

  • the, realised by GrAT in Puerto Princesa, Philippines, taking the Austrian Green Building Star into consideration,
  • the derivation of usable and earthquake-resistant building types for the reconstruction in Nepal and
  • to support the dissemination of Austrian expertise and technologies in the field of green buildings developed in projects initialised by the BMVIT.

Evaluation and analysis of the Zero Carbon Demonstration Building

To analyse the performance of the ZCR cottage in terms of thermal comfort, a comprehensive set of different sensor types is used, subdivided into a long-term monitoring and a short-term monitoring.

A first step to analyse the thermal comfort in the building is done with a set of sensors that measure the air temperature and the relative humidity in the rooms as well as with a mobile device that measures the surface temperature of selected building elements including walls, floors and ceilings. By this, possible incidents of local discomfort should be detected, and a correlation between indoor and outdoor climate conditions can be found.

For the local outdoor climate a weather station was set up on the roof for monitoring the parameters air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, the amount of rain as well as the solar radiation.

In a second step, evaluation of the thermal comfort is done with a mobile measurement kit using an adapted PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percent of Dissatisfied) method.

Based on the analysis results of the monitoring also the certification process for the Austrian Green Building Star was initialised.

Reconstruction in Nepal

Regarding the transfer of design principles, applied at the S-House as well as at the Zero Carbon Resort Demonstration Building, to other target countries, a modified building concept for a project location in Nepal was developed in the second part of this project.

Keeping the reconstruction in Nepal triggered by the cataclysmic earthquake in 2015 in mind, an additional focus was therefore also on shake-proofed constructions.


Within the scope of a dissemination, the developed design strategies and concepts and thus also the results of Austrian research activities and technology programs were presented to numerous stakeholders at workshops and conferences.

ZCR1 Technical Video Part 3 (REDESIGN)

The video is provided via Youtube , a connection to the servers of Youtube is established (see privacy policy).

Project Partners


Dr. Robert Wimmer, GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie

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Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie
Tel.: +43 (1) 58801-49523