Connection of innovative strategies and technologies to a holistic, resources-friendly plus energy building (FUTUREbase)

On the basis of a construction project in Giefinggasse 4 in Vienna the combination of new, innovative strategies and technologies to an integrated, resources conserving plus energy building with high signaling and multiplication effect had been tested for feasibility. A regional, energetical bond between the buildings TECHbase, ENERGYbase and the Klima-Windkanal had been developed.

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Starting point/Motivation

The Vienna Buisiness Agency is planning - after the success of the office building ENERGYbase which meets the passive house standard - to build yet another innovative office and commercial building with a net floor space of 13.000 m² in between the office buildings TECHbase and ENERGYbase in the 21st district of Vienna.

Like for the ENERGYbase, visionary ideas were evaluated for another pan-European reference project. This time, however, the project aims at the more ambitious target of a sustainable, energy plus office building, which is to be reached with a wide variety of scientific methods.

Based on the results of the proposed project, the first steps of realization of the office building shall be taken.

Contents and Objectives

The overarching goal of this project is to assess innovative technologies and strategies of a concrete building project by means of a technical feasibility study. Thus, a coherent concept for a "Plus energy"-building with minimized realization risk shall be achieved. The integration of planning, construction and operation knowledge of best practice examples such as the ENERGYbase from the viewpoint of involved stakeholders (i.e. real estate developers, architects, building services and facility management) is therefore very important.


The study was elaborated in three steps:

  1. Technology screening: Evaluation of present status of applicability of new, innovative strategies and technologies in the building sector based on the state-of-the-art of precursory projects (of the funding programs "Haus der Zukunft", "Haus der Zukunft plus", "Neue Energien 2020") for a concrete building project.
  2. Energy flow analyses: Energy balance for the location of the building project with the enclosing building complexes. Potential estimation for soil cooling systems.
  3. Development of sustainable "Plus energy" building concept with high multiplication and signaling effect. In parallel to these developments an ecological material concept with consideration of the life cycle as well as aiming at minimization of material use and optimization of life cycle costs was set up.


Following concept is the result of the integrated planning process for the development of a sustainable Plus energy building on the location FUTUREbase:

  • 2.850m² building integrated Photovoltaic
  • 400m² vertical evacuated tube collectors on south façade

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Ing. Anita Preisler
AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Energy Department, Sustainable Building Technologies

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