Sunny Energy Building: ENERGYbase - Office building of tomorrow

Energybase is a showcase project in terms of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies realized by the Vienna business agency. With 7.500 sqm net floor area ENERGYbase provides space for innovative business and research and development on the field of green energy.

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According to sustainable development one of the most vital challenges of our society is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease per capita consumption of fossil energy. In order to increase popularity of highly energy-efficient construction projects it is essential to have available reference projects.

This construction project relates to "sunny-research", a research-project which has developed a concept of a highly energy-efficient office building. Based on "sunny-research" an office building called "ENERGYbase" was planed and initiated together by architects, scientists and specialist consultants in an integral planning process.

The building concept emphasises three cornerstones:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Application of renewable energy sources
  • Highest level of comfort for occupants

ENERGYbase is an outstanding building due to its innovative architecture, advanced building technologies and the highest possible level of user comfort. The particularly low, cost-saving energy consumption in line with the passive house standard is completely covered by renewable, ecologically sustainable energy sources.

ENERGYbase is exemplary in its ability to harmonize economic and ecological considerations in the construction of state-of-the-art office and commercial real estate.

Three main principles serve as the underlying basis for the passive house concept: insulation against the loss of heat, air-tightedness, and controlled ventilation with heat recovery. The passive house standard is designed to achieve a higher level of building quality and greater user comfort with the least possible energy consumption and burden on the environment. ENERGYbase will serve as a reference project highlighting the compatibility of ecological and economic considerations in the construction of state-of-the-art commercial and office properties.

One of the innovative features of ENERGYbase is the exclusive use of renewable energies. The passive house standard makes it possible to keep energy requirements at a particularly low level. The generated geothermal energy completely covers all heating and cooling needs. Furthermore, a 400m² photovoltaic facility located on the folded south facade of the building will also supply part of the total electricity requirements. The passive application of solar energy will also be implemented at ENERGYbase.

An innovative ventilation concept enables the integration of solar energy in summertime by means of solar cooling (solar sorption supported air conditioning), as well as the use of plants to ensure ecologically-friendly, controlled humidification in winter.

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Project Partners

Project management

DI Gregor Rauhs
Wiener Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds - WWFF
Business and Service Center GMBH

Project or cooperation partner

  • DI Ursula Schneider
    pos- architekten
  • Ing. Anita Preisler
    arsenal research

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DI Gregor Rauhs
Wiener Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds - WWFF
Business and Service Center GMBH
Ebendorferstraße 2, 1010 Wien
Tel.: +43/1/4000 86591