Two days of Sustainability

During a two days training course managers are trained in sustainable management.

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Goal of the dissemination project 2T (two days of sustainability) was to develop a management game for a series of seminars in which together with managers the important elements of a successful strategy for sustainable management are discussed and demonstrated in which practical management tools are presented and worked with to understand the three dimensions of sustainable development in which together in small groups practical experience in sustainable management of an experimental company is collected with the management game and experiences are reflected and analysed.

The management game is based on a model of an enterprise, using web technology and soft computing approaches. It includes strategic aspects, the organisation of the company, and material, energy and cost aspects. It asks the player to take decisions in front of a market model and a model of the employees and other stakeholders, to check their decisions in relation to a sustainable economy and to analyse the effects of their decisions.

Using this management game can be compared to solving a case study with a realistic background of an enterprise, in which the player has to take all relevant decision regarding strategy, eco-efficient process design, selection of raw materials, and organisation of work, products and prices. The method develops key qualifications like responsibility, team work, communication, creativity and flexibility. Factual as well as strategic learning is addressed. The participants are trained to think in sustainable alternatives. Systemic approaches are fostered. The consequences of the decisions taken are demonstrated. Structured approaches to complex situations are trained. The participants learn to keep cool in difficult situations. This brings along a high potential to motivate the participants to take different roles and to take different jobs.

The goal is to run the enterprise in the best sustainable way. The enterprise model of this game simulates the effects of the decisions in one game period (e. g. a business year), calculates sustainability indicators and mirrors the development of the company in the dimension economy, ecology and social aspects. After taking this feedback the player has to take decisions for the next period. So in fast motion the long term effects of sustainable management are demonstrated. So period after period the player learns to understand the essential aspects of sustainable management and is enabled to develop strategies for his or her (future) company.

Project Partners

Project management

Dr. Rupert J. Baumgartner
Lehrstuhl Wirtschafts- und Betriebswissenschaften, Montanuniversität Leoben

Project or cooperation partner

  • Dr. Johannes Fresner
    Stenum GmbH, Graz
  • DI Jürgen Jantschgi
    Jantschgi C&R, Wolfsberg
  • Thomas Winter
    Attractive Software, Graz

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