The development of fused wood-only parquet elements

The development of the wood fusing technology to an innovative, ecological process of production of wood-only parquet elements, which do not contain any wood foreign substances as glue or thermoplastics.

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The appliance of vibration welding technology allows the efficient production of wooden joints. Due to its pure origin fused wooden joints bare a high ecological advantage. No foreign materials are added before, during or after the fusing process.

There is a big demand of today's consumers for natural or "green line" products in almost all business areas. People became very sensitive about chemical-based products in interior areas. For this reason the product of parquet elements was chosen to be a first application for the wood fusing process.

The wood fusing technology is based on polymer welding which is today's industrial standard. As only small areas are welded within polymer technology, vibration welding machines do not meet the requirements of a production of pure wooden products e.g. parquet elements.

The aim of the described research project was the development of a continuous production process and production unit for parquet elements. In contrast to discontinuous process of standard polymer vibration welding machines, the wood fusing process was aimed to be a continuous one (likewise to today's standard wood production).

All steps of development of the discussed research project are based on the experiences of basic research by the author during his studies at EPF Lausanne.

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  • Ing. Erwin THOMA
  • Thoma & Harms Holz GmbH
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