Sustainable Business Planner

Further development of the established management concept business plan to the Sustainable Business Plan. Production, testing and dissemination of the holistic user-oriented IT Tool "Sustainable Business Planner" in the context of an Austrian start-up initiative.

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Goals and contents of this project

  • Stimulation, accentuation and adjustment of operational business strategies and -concepts on the principles of sustainable management with consideration of the lead principles of the "Impulse Program".
  • Further development of the core and established management concept "business plan" and application of the IT-supported tool "Sustainable Business Planner".
  • Testing and further improvement of this IT program through businesses (in the context of an Austrian start-up initiative).
  • Creation of the best 15 to 18 sustainable business plans with the support of the IT-supported e-learning tool. - Conception and elaboration of an IT user manual.
  • Efficient dissemination of the management instrument "Sustainable Business Planner" (PC version, manual, presentation document and slide collection) via Internet (free download), CD Rom and national chamber of commerce.
  • Concluding meeting with the award of the best business plans as well as for demonstration of the IT-program and presentation of the project results.

Project Procedure

The first work package serves for the preparation of a prototype of the "Sustainable Business Planner", both in electronic and written form.

In the second work package contact to potential business plan makers is established and direct sustainability consultation will be conducted with the help of an established start-up initiative, for which the project partner (W1) is in charge of throughout Austria for several years. In the business start-up competition everyone gets the possibility to develop a business plan for their idea with the support of experienced coaches (the project team). During the entire competition there will be start-up-, finance-, legal- and innovation-experts available with their know-how. With the project team as coaches for the business plan competition 2003/2004 coaches of sustainable management will be available for the first time.

In the third work package 15 to 18 best business plans will be selected for the competition. They will be coached individually by the project team during the elaboration of their business plans and may use the prototype of the "Sustainable Business Planner" for the first time. On one hand the selected start-up founders receive additional advice during their work and on the other hand the project team receives direct feedback from the user-side about technical and understanding difficulties, gaps in the content and additionally needed explanation for the practical application of the tool.

In the fourth work package the experience from the first application phase in the third work package will be incorporated, the "Sustainable Business Planner" finished and the project results in appealing form disseminated.


  • The management concept "sustainable business plan" - a further developed and established, holistic management concept.
  • The IT Tool "Sustainable Business Planner" - an instrument for an easy and guided compilation of a "Sustainable Businessplan"
  • The manual for the "Sustainable Business Planner" - an accompanying manual for the production of sustainable-oriented business plans.
  • A slide collection "sustainability as an economic principle" - a collection of overhead slides to support the coaching activities with the start-up initiative.
  • Several business plans for sustainable start-ups - 15 to 18 business plans are selected in the context of the business plan competition, which are supported by the project team.

Project Partners

Project management

DI Dr. Alfred W. Strigl
Österreichisches Institut für nachhaltige Entwicklung
Tel.: +43 (0) 1 524 68 47-14

Project or cooperation partner

  • VA Tech AG
    DI Harald Hagenauer
    Mag. Heike Hartstein
    Mag. Nikola Hofko
  • i2b - ideas to business
    Mag. Werner M. Kraus, MBA
    Mag. Maximilian Deubner
  • Blue Inside Kemp OEG
    Christian Kemp
    Erika Krainer
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig

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Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig
Lindengasse 2/12
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