Sustainability Research: Internationalisation of an existing Research Model for Sustainable Investment

The project's purpose was to adapt the existing rfu sustainability model for an improved international utilization. The developed elements (rating scale, sector structure, weighting model, etc.) have become content of several documents (description of the model, etc.) and instruments (Rating-Tool, Data Pool).

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During the last years, Sustainable Investment underwent a rapid quantitative and qualitative growth internationally as well as in Austria. The basis is the sustainability analysis and rating of securities. This service is offered by specialised research agencies. rfu is the single domestic institution within this field. The rfu’s analysis and rating model, which has been developed specifically for listed Austrian companies, applies exclusionary and qualitative criteria resulting in a sustainability rating. Main application was the Austrian sustainability index VÖNIX, which has established itself since 2005 as the leading sustainability benchmark for the domestic stock market.

The project’s direct purpose was to adapt this existing model for a broader utilization in international and especially in emerging markets, where research coverage is still marginal. This is the basic requirement to extend rfu’s business activities.

The project’s contents - compiled by research, conception and several workshops - were:

  • Adjustment of the model’s rating scale
  • Implementation of a multi level sector structure with regard to sustainability including basic assessments by sectors
  • Further specification of the model’s weighting methodology and development of an instrument applying certain individual weighting variations
  • Programming the model and translation of the research instruments into English

These findings have become content of several documents (description of the model, sector structure) and instruments (Rating Tool, Data Pool) and already have been put into practical application.

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Mag. Reinhard Friesenbichler
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  • Mag. Martin Beinstein
  • Mag, Christian Loy
  • Karl Kofler

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