Sustainability Management System - scorecard-based construction of an operative sustainability management

Implementation of a scorecard-based sustainability management system in four enterprises; adaptation of a web-based software for sustainability management and reporting; preparation of the manual "Sustainability Managing Systems" on the basis of the OIN guidelines "Reporting about Sustainability".

Short Description





Companies include sustainable development increasingly in their visions and strategies. However the effective implementation is still lacking since the classical management concepts originate from the areas of environmental, security, risk or quality assurance. They are not integrative and too operative (often with an end of pipeline approach) in nature and therefore can not be integrated in the general strategic management-, monitoring-, and controlling systems.

Therefore the project SMS is not located on the level of these areas, but on the top management level of a company which steers the company's policy and orientation both normatively and strategically.

SMS closes the gap between the strategic orientation and operative implantation, which is often bemoaned. It supports and enables the proactive implantation of vision and strategy on the operative level. Since companies can not orient all areas at the same time towards sustainable development, SMS is designed such, that it can be implemented any time, regardless in which stage of the sustainable development process it is.

Content and Goals

  1. Further development of the central and established management concepts such as sustainable report, sustainable program and indicator system to a consistent "Sustainability Management System".
  2. Implementation of the SMS - model in four partner companies from four different sectors.
  3. Adaption and testing of a webbased software for sustainability management and -report and its further development for the Austrian market - SoFi Austria.

Methods Used

During the project the following methods are being used:

  • Scientific analyses
  • Evaluation methods (ex-post, self evaluation)
  • Vision and backcasting methods
  • Controlled dialog (stakeholder management)
  • Interactive methods (techniques to foster creativity, moderation)
  • Coaching and Qualification
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Supervision


  • Introduction chapter of the manual "Sustanability Managing Systems"
  • Evaluation of the companies' "sustainable-development-activities"
  • Development of a Sustainability Management System
  • Implementation of Sustainability Management Systems in four Austrian companies
  • Further development of the Software SoFi to SoFi Austria

Project management

DI Dr. Alfred Strigl
Österreichisches Institut für nachhaltige Entwicklung (ÖIN)

Project Partners

Project management

DI Dr. Alfred Strigl
Österreichisches Institut für nachhaltige Entwicklung (ÖIN)

Project or cooperation partner

  • PE Europe GmbH
    DI Sandra Mayerhöffer
  • Softlab GmbH
    Gerhard Brandstätter
  • Huckster-Consult
    Georg Greutter MBA
  • ASD
    Mag. Martina Schmalnauer
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig

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1070 Wien
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