Sustainability Management System - Improvement and completion of the SMS by involvement of stakeholders

Comprehensive implementation of the SMS in four Austrian companies with a specific focus on the conceptual development of a companywide stakeholder management. Distribution of the project results through the publication of the praxis hand book "Systemic Sustainable Management"

Short Description




The present project is succeeding the project "Sustainability Management System" and aims to further amend, complete and spread the results of this demonstration project.


The particular aims of the project are:

  • Consolidation and improvement of operational sustainability processes in enterprises
  • Evaluation and adaptation of SMS after having completed the full PDCA-cycle.
  • Integration of stakeholder management in SMS
  • Spreading the results of the project


  • Indepth implementation of Sustainability Management System for each enterprise
  • Design of a "Stakeholder-Management-Concept" for each enterprise
  • Creation of a handbook on "Systematical Sustainability Management"
  • A teaching module for SMS-qualification a Management academy
  • Presentation at an international conference.


The cooperation of the scientific team with the partner enterprises will occur mainly during workshops. The plan is to organize two to three specific workshops with each enterprise in the first half of the project, and conduct them within the companies. In addition to this, there will be two workshops held in groups( the first after one third, the second after two third of the project) in order to present, discuss and evaluate the results.

Starting with the second half of the project, the scientific team will focus on handling and spreading the results. The creation of a practical handbook should start at the same time, considering the expenditure of time that will be needed for this task.


1. Internal results (for participating enterprises)

  • Balanced and successfully enduring operational sustainability process
  • Tested and improved Sustainability Management System
  • Individual concepts for Stakeholder-Management per enterprise
  • Concept to cross-link Stakeholder-Management and Innovation-Management
  • Improved image in the market for products, staff and capital

2. External results

  • Tested and improved SMS-model (basis for the practical handbook)
  • Guideline on the conception of an operational stakeholder-management (one chapter in the handbook)
  • Revised and adapted guideline for reporting (one chapter in the handbook)
  • Handbook: "Systematical Sustainability-Management"
  • A teaching module for SMS-qualification for a Management academy

Project Partners

Project management

DI Dr. Alfred Strigl
ÖIN - Österreichisches Institut für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Project collaborator:

DI Harald Reisinger, DI (FH) Gisela Bosch

Project or cooperation partner

  • Brau Union Österreich AG
    Veronika Fiereder
  • Poloplast GmbH & Co KG
    Hans Schwerer
  • Rogner-Bad Blumau Hotel, Therme & Spa
    Dagmar Behnisch
  • Stift Schlägl
    Mag. Markus Rubasch